Tech's Everyday Heroes

We’ve come a long way since computers took up the size of a room, and with every new advancement, from the smartwatch to the internet itself there have always been one people who have loved tech more than anyone else. These chose to pursue a life of caring for technology, not just building it. One where they could nurse the sick and revive the dead.

These are no ordinary people. As a species they prefer a darker habitat and colder climates. Light interrupts the clarity of their screens and warmth irritates their young. When answering the phone they skip the traditional ‘hello’ or ‘hi’, resorting instead to their mantra, ‘have you tried turning it off and then on again?’

These people have gone by many names over the decades; admin, helpdesk, geek. But they are consistent in their calling. IT. Not just any IT, no. These people support the businesses they work in. They work in the shadows, diligently keeping operations from going dark.

These everyday heroes are known as IT Support.

Unfortunately, with Moore’s law and the explosion that follows the simple IT Person has lost their shine. With programmers, engineers and developers taking the tech spotlight, those who care most for their systems have taken a back seat. Great masters of industry take their technology for granted. Choosing to believe that systems simply run. But the magic it takes to manage email, eliminate internet lag and keep a network malware free is not to be ignored. It must be nurtured and protected. Enhanced.

Its been too long.


Too long since IT Support Professionals have had resources of their own. For too long we have consumed content written for John Doe, scrolling through screenshots of click start before finding solutions we actually need. For too long we have attended tech conferences designed for developers, contenting ourselves with the 1–2 sessions we may get something out of. For too long we have heard our bosses wonder aloud what they pay us for when their system is working fine. Or worse, when it is not.

No more!

As of now there is a place for us to come together. A place that understands that our jobs aren’t just crawling under desks to plug in a monitor. That we have to run backend software, keep networks secure and make sure CEOs can still check email on the toilet. No more will we take a backseat to those who build the products and then leave us to figure out how to keep them running.

We are: tabGeeks

Our mission: To take back tech

IT Support will be supported!

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