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IT People are unique in the professional world. They sit at the intersection between tech and business to do the impossible, bring ordinary everyday businesses into the 21st century - usually kicking and screaming. 

It is our core belief that at your average, non-tech, company the IT person is the real Hero. Where users are stubborn in their love of outdated platforms, lack in basic computer skills, and have the burning need to click every download button that comes their way. Most people have no idea what we actually do, and many even think of us as mysterious beings in the basement.

But without us, your average business would grind to a silent halt. We keep computers humming and servers online. We make sure printers print, scanners scan and networks network. And we do all this with minimal recognition and maximum effort.

tabGeeks was formed to be a community for us IT Heroes. A place to get together, on and offline, to share war stories, gain professional development and meet others who understand who we are and what we do.

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Meet the Team

Every great team needs a dreamer and a doer.

Our dreamer is Jesse. After being thoroughly fed up with the lack of learning and professional development opportunities for IT people like him, this IT Director envisioned a community he could relate to. He dreamed of regular meetups and conferences all over the world, a yearly geektastic cruise, and an active slack channel. Jesse would finally have a group of people he could relate to professionally, and attend a conference without being pitched to.

Keeping her feet firmly on the ground, Shani plans. Armed with lists, spreadsheets and a kick-ass Asana board she makes the IT dreams come to life. After spending years as a project manager for others she was excited to put her logistical skills to use for a community she believes in.

Together they dream, and they do. This husband and wife team, along with a group of volunteers, sub-contractors, believers and of course their baby co-founder Zach, keep tabGeeks alive. 


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