Best Gifts for SysAdmin Appreciation Day

WIT SysAdmin

SysAdmin Appreciation day is this Friday July 26th!

Every year I think about doing something nice for my team for System Administrators Day. The problem is I always think of it on the day of, when I see all the social media posts talking about it…. Oops. This year I am getting started a few days early and ordered affordable tech gifts for my IT Support team in appreciation of all their exceptional work! Oh, I am also getting doughnuts!

Here is my recommendations of great gifts to get your IT Team, as SysAdmin Appreciation Day does not have to be limited to System Administrators, its for all IT Heroes!


System Admins are the true heroes

If you have a developer team, this gift is great for rubbing in their face they still need you.


Anker PowerCore II 6700

No matter what we do, we never seem to have enough power for our devices.


Tesla Patent Art Prints

Many IT Professionals are serious fans of the genius that was Nikola Tesla and would love some of his patents on the wall in their office.


Steve Jobs Patents

Continuing on the patent train, Steve Jobs and Apple have designed incredible technology over the years. Their patents are just as beautiful.


Technology is always on our minds and in our hearts

Ok ok last art piece I promise. It was too awesome to leave out!


This is so true it hurts

Which is why it’s the perfect gift


Anker Soundcore for summer tunes

Great sound and affordable as well

412MrJbtayL (1).jpg

The always prepared pen

The amount of times I have needed a screwdriver and not had one are staggering. Not anymore!

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