About our speaker selection process

It is very important that the speakers we choose will not only be subject matter experts but engaging speakers as well. Our team reads through print and online publications, attends in-person events and scrolls LinkedIn for potential speakers. Then, we reach out and start a relationship. If we haven't heard them speak, we'll stalk them on Twitter for a while to make sure they're at least entertaining. We do all this to make sure that you, the attendee, the most important person in the room, has a great time.

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Dena Lerner

Marketing Manager - Westland Real Estate Group

Dena Lerner is the director of Marketing at Westland Real Estate Group. In that role, she supervises a variety of marketing activities and is responsible for brand management. Dena, along with her team, develops, implements, and manages marketing strategies aimed at meeting organizational objectives. Dena and her team also track lead generation efforts and awareness building for Westland Real Estate Group.

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Jeffrey Strauss

Sr. Manager, IT Operations - Tinder

Jeff Strauss is the Senior Manager of Information Technology Operations at Tinder. He and his team are responsible for building and maintaining critical infrastructure and services, including the network, cloud services, and endpoint management. Jeff has held senior engineering positions at Twitter and JAMF Software, as well as engineering and management positions in the entertainment and education industries. 

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Scott Lawson

Director of IT Infrastructure - QAD

I enjoy designing large scale systems, using architectural principles and best practices. I focus on systems of unstructured information, collaboration, and communication. My work interests are: Enterprise architecture, Zachman Framework, taxonomy, system architecture, knowledge management, online collaboration, distance learning, document management and publication, knowledge management and search, office automation tools, and voice input methods.

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Shira Harrison

VP, Information Technology - Amblin Partners

An IT executive with more than 20 years of experience in IT (particularly in the entertainment industry). I have played all roles, from helpdesk, system admin, network engineer and graduated to IT management. I have owned a consulting business and worked for large studios.

I have years of experience in IT management, IT strategy, IT security and compliance.

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