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IT Architecture: Building the best environment for SMB IT - Led by Scott Lawson

Do you ever feel like an afterthought? Often in businesses the focus is on products, services, processes and profits. Leaving you sometimes saying to yourself, why didn’t they just talk to me about this? I would have had a solution.

Scott Lawson demonstrates how to make IT part of the architecture of any business by building it into the core. Scott will walk you through the simple process of building an IT blueprint that fits your business. You will learn how to keep this blueprint aligned with your business’s goals, and make sure that it stands the test of time.


[Panel] The Helpdesk: Management, efficiency and best practices

Every organization has a Helpdesk, even if its just one guy who also runs the servers. For I.T. Manager, the Helpdesk is usually the bane of their department. Its where users send mind-boggling tickets, its where things fall through the cracks, its where you spend a chunk of your budget to not get the software you really need. Whether you're the Helpdesk manager, you manage that person, or you are the desk, a company's Helpdesk is its first line of defense into the I.T. department. Make sure yours is the best.


User Education: Teach Old Users New Tricks - Led by Dena Lerner
***tabGeeks 2018 Attendee favorite!***

Getting your users to work with new systems is like pulling teeth.

You have an amazing new solution, a wonderful upgrade that is going to solve a lot of problems, expedite efficiency and make everyone’s lives better. And nobody wants to use it. Or worse, your superiors forced a rollout on you. Either way your stuck with the users who refuse to upgrade or transition. You spend your days dispensing solutions that were in the email nobody even read.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Believe it or not, you can get your users to not only use the new system, but to want to use it. This session, led by marketer extraordinaire Dena Lerner, will teach you not only how to get your users to upgrade without a fight, but to become advocates for you to their more reluctant peers.




To Cloud or Not To Cloud: Know when to stay local, what to send up, and what’s out there - Led by John Marcato


The A Team: Put it together and keep it together - Led by Shira Harrison

How do you bring the best out of your IT staff? How do you spot the talent of each team member? How do you help people work together? How do you build teams that support the company needs but also the staff’s personal needs? Shira Harrison will lead you through her many years of successful team building to show you haw to manage the best and most effective team for your company.


[Panel] Security: Its 2018, is your stuff up to snuff?

Join three security experts as they discuss the latest threats modern organizations need to handle, from malware to phishing to ransomware. Don't be the breach, make sure your company has what it takes to withstand the very real threats coming your way.


In Service of Better IT - Led by Jeffrey Strauss


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