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tabGeeks Micro

A Single Day Event for the local Southern California I.T. Community


tabGeeks is a community for I.T. Heroes.

Past Attendee Titles Included:

  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Help Desk Specialist
  • Service Desk Supervisor
  • System Admin
  • Windows Administrator
  • I.T. Admin
  • I.T. Director
  • I.T. Manager
  • I.T. Project Manager
  • I.T. Specialist
  • I.T. Support
  • Network Admin
  • Technology Specialist

Yes, I'm talking to you. The one who keeps the business running by making sure the tech keeps humming. tabGeeks provides professional development and networking opportunities to you, the tech hero at your organization.

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Micro is a professional development conference for I.T. people without the hassle, time commitment, or quadruple digit price tag. Skip the flight and hotel, just show up and learn.

Whatever your reason, getting a flight, hotel stay and 3 days away from regular life isn't always possible.

But that doesn't mean you should give up on the conference experience. This October tabGeeks Micro comes to Los Angeles. Same excellent quality sessions, same epic networking events, same access to our intimate and awesome community. Just one day.

See what our attendees had to say about our last event!

Who's speaking?

We don't take proposals, we develop relationships. Our speakers are selected based on two things, their professional acumen and the value they would bring to our community.

Where's it at?

Micro 2018 is being held at the Beverly Hills Marriott in Los Angeles!

What's on the agenda?

We've made a whole new agenda for this show. Taking what people loved most about tabGeeks 2018 and whittling it down to the most loved and useful themes.

I was emailing my boss during the session saying, we have to implement this, now!
— Nicole, Dartmouth
I thoroughly enjoyed tabGeeks 2018...The session topics and speakers were spot on with what support personnel need to know.
— Dan, Chico
The people that I’m with here at the conference feel like the people I want to be with. They do what I do, and we all learned together.
— Rick, Toronto
I’ve definitely enjoyed the networking opportunities...its always fun to get to know your fellow I.T. Geeks in a relaxed environment and just chat it out.
— Joe, Los Angeles
Its great how each presentation compliments each other.
— Victor, Fresno