Convince the Boss Template!

We all need a little help talking to the boss. And convincing them to send you to a great opportunity like tabGeeks is no exception. You can use this as the basis of your arguments in an in-person meeting or copy paste it into an email. Don't forget to fill in the blanks!

Dear <insert Approving Manager name>,

I’d like to attend tabGeeks20, The I.T. Conference, April 29th-May 1st in Long Beach, CA. tabGeeks is an established I.T. community that puts on an annual national conference. It is intended to deliver educational and growth opportunities to I.T. people like me.

I’d like to go to tabGeeks this year and I think it’s worth the investment. Here are some ways I’d benefit, and [your organization] would benefit:

• I’ll become more productive — the sessions focus not only on the tech, but on the people I have to work with. From educating users to team management to you, focusing on how to better interact with the people I work with will create a more productive and efficient department. Additionally, the sessions at tabGeeks always treat I.T. as a part of the organization we work in. I’ll learn new tools, techniques, and best practices so I can make sure that whatever we, as I.T., do always matches up to the needs of the organization. 

• I’ll learn from the experts — tabGeeks’ sessions and panels are led by some amazing people — some of the best in our field. I, and by extension [name of organization], will benefit greatly from their years of expertise. I’ll be hearing from the people that run I.T. at companies like Buzzfeed, Virgin Galactic, Snap and Tinder. Not to mention cloud and security experts from Microsoft, Google and other less known but equally impressive private firms. And its a small crowd, so I'll have the unique opportunity to approach them about our particular issues!

• I’ll learn from my colleagues — the community prides itself on being an intimate group of I.T. professionals that cross industry lines. This unique gathering of individuals, and the small size of the conference means I’ll be able to connect with them and get some cool new ideas and solutions.

I believe tabGeeks20 is worth the investment. It’s the only tech conference designed for I.T. people where I can learn about industry trends and get exposure to new ideas without anyone trying to sell me an expensive piece of software. 

The conference this year is taking place in Southern California. Expenditures would be as follows:

  • $769 Early Bird Registration fee (includes access to all sessions, panels, meals and events).

  • $179 Per night at the conference hotel (recommended 2 nights = $358)

  • $[XXX] Roundtrip flight

You can learn a little more about tabGeeks20 at