Chrome Extensions that Will Save Your Ass (February, 2019)

In keeping with our theme this quarter of doing more with less, we’ve complied a community generated list of most relied upon Chrome Extensions.


The Great Suspender

If you are anything like me, you have a zillion tabs open at once. The problem is that many tabs will bring your computer to a screeching halt. The Great Suspender keeps your tabs where they are but suspends the tabs process until you need it again. It’s a must have for any tab hoarder.


Iz fixen ur computerz, but spelling not so good. Don’t worry, you can let Grammarly do all the work for you. Grammarly sits in every text box you come across and lets you know which words you spelled incorrectly, and which sentences committed grammatical suicide, but also how to fix them.


Curious what you spend so much time doing? Rescuetime integrates with Chrome and allows you to flag sites as productive, or something else. It’s got a lot of it’s own tags but you can change them to fit your workflow the best.


Toby is my latest discovery and I absolutely love it. As mentioned above I am a serious tab hoarder, but honestly that may all change. Toby lets you visually organize your tabs, and save them into groups called collections. You can then close the entire set until you are ready to go back to them and open them all back up again. It may kill my reliance on The Great Suspender!


One of the ways I keep up with this insane industry is by reading a bunch of articles daily. I usually don’t have time to read them when I discover them however, so I save them for later using Pocket. It’s a great extension with an app that allows you to save stuff from the web, and even view them offline for those subway rides home, or plane rides to visit family.


The new tab screen is a sacred space. You see it hundreds of times a day, and Google has tried to make it somewhat useful. Enter Momentum, and not only is it useful with your latest tasks and the time, it's a beautiful reminder to take a breath and try not to strangle the latest user to ask a question my 2 year old could answer.