What we’re doing

Every tabGeeks agenda has been unique. Over the years we’ve learned that there are certain topics that are just universal, like security, team building and user education. But also that there are topics that are appreciated by all, even if they don’t seem obvious. Last year, sessions on Powershell, the future of video-conferencing and even a session on Imposter Syndrome got rave reviews by our attendees.

I thoroughly enjoyed tabGeeks.The session topics and speakers were spot on with what support personnel need to know. - Dan, Chino

Our No Pitch Promise

Did you know that a lot of the speakers you hear at conferences are paying to be there? Try and sign up as a sponsor at any major show and you’ll quickly discover that the price you pay not only determines the size of your booth but also the amount of session time you get to control.

tabGeeks has a zero tolerance pitching policy.

This means that not a single speaker you will hear from is paying us to be there. No one at our podium will pitch you their company or a product they sell. Any speaker who has done so in the past has not been invited to return.

Time Allocation (4PM Wednesday April 29th - 3PM Friday May 1st)

tabGeeks spans 3 days. To allow maximum session participation, taking into account attendee travel time, we kick off in the afternoon on Wednesday and end in the afternoon on Friday. During those 47 hours attendees will spend their time in sessions, panels, keynotes and at networking events (oh yeah, there’s eating and sleeping, too).

The Sessions

Sessions are by far our most popular event type. A single speaker in front of you, the audience, about an I.T. related topic. They talk for about 40 minutes and then spend whatever time they have left answering your questions. The session titles below are just a handful of the tabGeeks20 agenda:

  • The A Team: Wait…I have to work with these people?

  • Security: The practical things you don’t think about

  • Staying Sassy: Effective SAAS Management from A to Z

  • Who am I: Modern identity and access management

  • Always Dreaming: Cloud management resources and best Practices

  • Running the Show: How to be an effective one man/woman InfoSec team

  • Don’t PICNIC: Educating your users in new systems and old ones.

The Panels

Panels are great opportunities to hear from a variety of viewpoints about a subject. They consist of 3 speakers telling you a little bit about their experience in a given area and then opening the floor up for questions from the audience, you. All of course, expertly moderated.

This year, we’ll be hosting panels on two widely asked after topics:

  1. Automation Station: How to make sure your automations speed up your process, not gum up the works

  2. Lock it Down: The ins and outs of information privacy and data protection

The Keynotes

At the close of each tabGeeks day, our goal is to wow you. Our Keynotes aren’t your run-of-the-mill, here’s how to be a good I.T. person, but instead an extraordinary story from extraordinary speakers who will awe and inspire.