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IT Architecture: Building the best environment for SMB IT

Do you ever feel like an afterthought? Often in SMBs the focus is on products, services, processes and profits. Leaving you sometimes saying to yourself, why didn’t they just talk to me about this? I would have had a solution. Scott Lawson demonstrates how to make IT part of the architecture of any business by building it into the core. All it takes is six simple questions and four basic principles to build a solid blueprint that fits your business. Scott will teach you how to keep this blueprint aligned with your business’s goals, and make sure that it stands the test of time.


When Tech is not the Answer: Prioritizing policy creation and team management in a tech-obsessed world - Led by Eytan Dallal

4:00-5:30 -Keynote

Swept Away: Putting Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico Back Online After Harvey, Irma and Maria - Led by Joe Hillis

6:00-8:00PM - Event

Cocktail reception, drinks, snacks and a good time.



Teaching Old Users New Tricks: User Education and Enticement

Getting your users to work with new systems is like pulling teeth. You have an amazing new solution, a wonderful upgrade that is going to solve a lot of problems, expedite efficiency and make everyone’s lives better. And nobody wants to use it. Your users see new software that they now have to spend even more time to learn how to use instead of just employing the quick fixes they’ve done in the past. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Believe it or not, you can get your users to not only use the new system, but want to use it. This session, led by marketer extraordinaire Dena Lerner, will teach you not only how to get your users to upgrade without a fight, but to become advocates for you to their more reluctant peers.

10:15-11:00AM - Hardware Workshops

  • Printers
  • Phones
  • Designing and Maintaing Networks: Get it right the first time - Led by Stetson Blake

11:15:-12:00PM - Specialty IT Breakout

  • Educational Technology: The future of education and technology and the role of IT
    • Despite what it looks like, the future of our public school system is more heavily reliant on technology than ever before. With big data and technological infrastructure playing a massive role in how we educate in the future. At IBM, they’ve partnered with public school systems in select cities to pilot new educational technology programs. Shira Perel, managing consultant at IBM, works with schools on the front line of this program. In this session, she discusses how technology is changing the face of education and what that means for the people on the ground who have to back that tech up.

  • Avoid the dust: How to get the most out of the tech you already have
    • Humans, like fish, are attracted to shiny objects. We have an innate belief that things that are shiny and new will solve all our problems. Our budgets disagree. But it’s so shiny!!! But budget...Infrastructure maven Scott Lawson leads this interactive session about getting the most without spending a dime. From repurposing to virtual upgrades. Together, we’ll explore how to look at your old tech in a new light. Get a little bit of that shine back.
  • Smart Homes: Automate your office (or home)

12:00-1:30PM - Lunch

1:30-2:30PM - Software Workshops

  • Windows 10 Deployment
  • The Best of Backups
  • Cyber Security In 2018: Will your company be up to snuff?

2:15-3:00PM - Panel

Security: From malware to spyware to the great threat of ransomware

3:15-4:00PM - Management Breakout

  • Helpdesks Suck: AI and the future of the IT Helpdesk - Led by Jay Srinivasan
  • Outsourced: When to use Managed Services in the Cloud Age

    • Does your company want to maximize the value gained from IT spending? Would you like to know how outside vendors can assist you with this? Do you want to elevate your company’s IT staff? As IT professionals, we are all looking to balance the cost of managing IT with the execution of strategic goals. Learning how to evaluate service vendors and effectively utilize them to augment internal tools and personnel is one of the most substantial ways to impact success of an organization's IT department. This session, led by TWE CTO John Marcato, is designed to deliver an overview of the current outsourcing marketplace, guidance on the best resources to help find the best vendors, and how to get the best deal on these services based on your organization’s needs.

  • Getting the Deal: The art of vendor negotiation - Led by Colleen Alaimo

4:30-6:00PM - Keynote

War Stories: IT in the trenches

From aerospace to agriculture, private to public and even military to civilian, datacenters across all sectors tend to be plagued by many of the same issues.   Whether it is skyrocketing costs, inefficiency in the datacenter, increased complexity, data growth and data-access explosions, cybersecurity concerns and more.  Many organizations find innovation and attempts to modernize the datacenter to be paralyzing.  Christopher Kusek, having decades of experience working in and with datacenters, will share his experiences and insights after having experienced IT in the Trenches – The IT Trenches of Operation Enduring Freedom in Bagram, Afghanistan.  Christopher worked as the Afghanistan Senior Technical Director responsible for Operations, Management, Engineering, Implementation and Support of the US Operational Forces in CJOA-A mission command for Datacenter, Storage, Networking and Virtualization. He provided leadership and direction for a team of 100+ engineers and architects geographically distributed across 30 Forward Operating Bases throughout the region with direct operational oversight of enterprise virtualization supporting over 100,000 users.  In this session, Christopher will share his IT knowledge and his experiences while leading us all in  “How to get from where you are, to where you want to be”.

8:00-11:30PM - Networking Event

Night at the movies: Food and drinks in the lounge followed by privately screened Black Panther


9:00-10:00 - Panel

Email Face Off: Gmail, Microsoft 365 or self hosted?

The war for master of email is still raging. In this panel, Google, O365 and Microsoft Exchange are on the battlefield to the sound of beating drums. Ok, maybe it’s just 3 pasty white guys with microphones (2 pasty white guys, actually, and the fabulous Exchange Goddess). But whether you already settled on your SAAS, or still have doubts about whether or not attachment size limits need to be a thing, these experts will give valuable insights into each platform and will open the floor to your questions, whether you are friend or foe.

10:15-11:00 - Email Deep-Dive Breakout


Get A Yes: Pitch your new tech solutions to your boss, effectively - Led by Donna Griffit

12:00-1:30PM - Keynote

The Seen and the Unseen: Security Specialist Ken Westin

*all topics and times are subject to change